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[OURSTUDENTS] 2014 to Present


Lona loves hard work and a good laugh. When she's not reading or doing school work she's busy chatting with friends. She has been an Equaliser for the passed two years.


Phelo is creative, warm hearted and loves to cook! She is talkative and

enjoys speaking to other children and hearing their stories. She has been part of Amazwi Wethu for three years.


Siphenathi is a soccer playing, reading lover who enjoys a morning and afternoon jog. He lately found out a hidden talent for acting (catch him in Induku Ayiwakhi Umzi). He dreams of changing the world.  


.Sisanda is a poem writer who loves to write about everything surrounding her. She is an actor, unique and talkative. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her reading a book or watching movies.


Amanda is stuidious! She is passionate about both science and the Arts and is very expressive: singing, acting and writing take up her non-study hours. She's a crazy, wild, #loverofjunkfood, full of surprises.  


Aphiwe thinks out of the box and likes to stretch his imagination.

He enjoys doing things that invole music especially deep house and

loves to give life to his creativity through drawing.

[OURSTUDENTS] 2012 - 2014


Ayanda is a devoted big brother and son, loves to dance anywhere and everywhere, and believes that the youth must be heard.


Banele, aka “Bane”, loves the ladies (and they love him), is a talented singer and basketball player, and believes that it’s important to surround yourself with different perspectives.


Bayanda enjoys reading, will blow you away with his public speaking skills, hopes to be the Minister of Basic Education one day, and truly believes in the power of his peers. At EE's First National Congress in July 2012, Bayanda was elected to serve as Deputy Chair, Equaliser on the National Council.

Phelokazi attends school at Joe Slovo Engineering High School in Khayelitsha. She is a passionate young woman and wants to be an electrical engineer when she grows up.  Ms. Tsoko summons her inner-Rhianna and shines bright like a diamond wherever she is.



Sibonisiwe, aka “Siwe”, enjoys drama and singing, could make a grown man cry with her sassy quips, and truly believes that her community is beautiful and worth fixing.


Somila loves to sing and entertain people (even though her 'voice sucks'). She is focused on making sure every youth in South Africa is happy and his/her needs are satisfied.    


Sisonke requires about as much food a day as an adult elephant, can break it down on the dance floor, and believes that it’s important for youth to connect with other youths, both near and far.


Xolani is kind and outgoing. He loves clothes and style, associating with others, and making jokes. He believes that he and all other youths have certain rights and responsibilities.

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