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OUR METHODOLOGY was based on four theoretical frameworks: Positive Peace, Critical Pedagogy, The Ethics of Care,and Human Rights.

Positive Peace:

Inspired by our work with Prof. Peter Lucas, our workshop promotes positive peace  - opposed to negative peace - by working towards the future, instead of reacting retroactively to a negative past or present. We believe that our films are a starting point  rather than a final destination for our advocacy work. A key component of this process consists of “packaging”  our films  within activism strategies - additional information, outreach, plans of action to create change,  education materials, etc. 

Critical Pedagogy:

Based on the work of Paulo Freire, our facilitation technique aims to desocialize students from traditional authority dependance, and promote self-mobilizing and self-educating young people. Through our film storyboarding process, we mirror Freire’s method of problem solving with local generative themes in order to create social transformation through media advocacy.

The Ethics of Care:

The overall structure of our workshop is informed by Nel Noddings’ theory  -  the circles of care. In order to develop genuine curiosity and empathy about the world around them, we encourage our students to reflect on their own identities, then spiral out to  explore their identities within  local, national and global communities.


Human Rights:

Also inspired by our work with Prof. Lucas, our workshop aims to arm our students with a human rights lens through which to analyze media. And by engaging students in the media production process itself, we hope to awaken each student's human right as a conscious producer and consumer of media. 

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